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Delay Claims Document Request List

Your Success Depends on The Right Information

Unlike other construction claims and litigation, Delays are much more document intensive. That makes it critical to get the right information for your expert team, so they can provide you the best analysis with key facts that will help you achieve the best resolution for your clients.

Requesting documents from other parties is an important step to get that information; it is even more crucial to get it right when a claim goes through arbitration, where discovery may be more restricted and with a shorter timeframe.

From decades of providing expert services on delay claims, Xpera Group has developed a comprehensive list of documents that we have utilized in our analysis and providing expert opinions.

The list includes:

  • List of Specific Reports
  • Detailed Schedule Information
  • Detailed Change Order information
  • Correspondences - From emails to the latest platforms in-use
  • The formats the digital files need to be delivered in


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