Learn from Xpera's real estate economist Alan Nevin. In his landmark book, he outlines how the demographic trends are dividing the country's growth, complete with charts and data from verified sources.



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This is a Book of America Tomorrow

It is a compelling story of your future and your children's future as divined through a myraid of research data. It is a book about trends, past and future. It is a book that blends demography, economics, and, to some degree, real estate.

The Great Divide looks into the demographic patterns in the industrialized world and compares them to the United States. The industrialized world is aging, and that has an enormous effect on the future of the global economy.

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There Will be a Remarkable Change in the Upcoming Decades

This book will show you how America is going through a remarkable change in the population and employment by region and state. The trends discussed are real, backed up by data, but they have not usually been widely recognized due to its gentle effect in molding the future of the country.

Many trends have been going for more than a half a century but are rarely visible to the casual observer, however they will have important and major effects on the economy and where you and your offspring will earn a living.

The author demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of the major economic data categories...the book concludes with a series of concise analyses and recommendations for investing in infrastructure and business, and though Nevin sees some regions in a clear and irreversible decline, the overall tone remains optimistic.

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The Changes Will Greatly Impact Businesses in Different Regions

The book dives into topics that greatly impact businesses around the country. It takes a detailed look in manufacturing, the whole new world of retailing and office space, and what home ownership and apartment occupancy will look like in the next quarter century.

The Great Divide also analyzes in detail some of the nation's states and major metropolitan areas, showing the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly truth that nobody wants to address.

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This is a Story of Winners and Losers

This book will show you the divide of America's fast-growing, surviving and stagnant cities and states. Alan Nevin shows that ultimately there are 14 states that will take the lion's share of job growth, population growth and rising value on Real Estate.

While some areas of the country are in an unstoppable decline towards bankruptcy, overall the positive growth will far outweigh them. 

Insightful and incisive.  Anyone with an interest in a well researched and well considered economic outlook at a greatly overlooked aspect of American economic disparity will benefit greatly from this book.  Told with a wit and charm that belies its underlying detailed analyses, a must read for any thoughtful, concerned citizen.

Rene Smith Commander, US Navy (Retired), SPAWAR Logistician

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